Thursday, May 31, 2012


Room 13 learns and works in the computer lab twice a week to challenge themselves at a MATH OLYMPICS style activity!  Your child can practice at home by going to our MATH WIZARD link and practice their LEVEL 2 facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

They must get 100% to pass here at school.  So practice to reach that level at home!  It's not as easy as you think! ;)

Finding our way on the Oregon Trail!

Did you know that there was a 50 mile gap in the Rocky Mountains that allowed the emigrants in their covered wagons to go through the Rockies rather than having to ascend over them?  It was called South Pass and made their journey just a little bit easier.  Ask your child what they are learning about the Oregon Trail! 

Whitaker Ponds - Canoe the Slough & Scavenger Hunt!

We became expert oarsmen and women the day we canoed the Columbia slough!!  Can you see the box turtle and ducklings in one of our fabulous pictures?

Circuits and Pathways - Electricity is Alive in Rm 13!

Look at the learning in Rm 13!  For the past month we have been wiring closed circuits, lighting lights and getting motors whirl!  Check it out!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Math Website!

I just added a new website to the blog for students AND their families!  It has 'virtual' manipulatives, like spinners and graphs that students can challenge themselves with.  We will be using this in class so practice  here to improve your math vocabulary and understanding.  Click on the link!

Chris sorting his fractions and putting them in order.

Equivalent fractions!

Learning about equivalent fractions and how to simplify them.

Gabi getting her fractions ready for math!