Monday, January 30, 2012

Sculptors Add Finishing Touches!

The final phase of the students native american clay mask project was today.  Look at their amazing work!

Student Achievement Awards and Students of the Month for January!

Here are the winners from last week!  Congratulations to these students who were here everyday, turned in fantastic homework and had excellent behavior!

Way to go Rm 13 Superstars!
Here are the STUDENTS of THE MONTH for the month of January!  WAY TO GO!  You  are students who have been focused on your learning and setting goals as you look ahead to achieving more!
Three cheers for our students of the month!  Chris, Katlyn and Aryanna!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The next step of the mask making process was to take their design and mold it into a mask made of clay.  The fabulous Rm 13 students did that on Monday as the Children's Museum teachers, Lindsay and Alycia guided us into our creative selves!  Next step is to fire them in a kiln and glaze them next week!  We can't wait!
In the beginning there was a little lump of clay!

And then it was our NAMES!
Kelani creating her mask!

Thea exploring with her design tool. 

Katlyn adding some features!

James' salmon comes to life!

Gabi concentrates as she adds one more detail.

Aryanna is proud of her creation!

Ready for the kiln!

Batch number 2!

Dezarae's hands of an artist!

A community of sculptors!

Done for the day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just another week in Rm 13!

Macro-inverabrates, achievement awards, trunks full of Native American artifacts, snow and late openings...we did it all this week!  The students also finished their first round of state testing in reading!  Here's a few shots of the fabulous students of Rm 13 in action! 
Learn 4 Life Macroinvertabrates: Do we need another leg?

Dezarae's adding final touches to their macroinvertabrate!
 Just one more antennae!
Another wing to help it fly
Oregon Historical Society's Native American Traveling Trunk:
Gerry's trying to start a fire with the fire making kit!
Cody's playing the clapping sticks from the Chinook tribe.
Emlyn's showing off some cordage made from cedar bark
A cedar bark basket used by Coastal Native Americans
to collect berried, fish and seeds.

Our seven achievement award winners this week: Justin, Maleke, Katlyn, Aryana,
Thea, Gerry and Chris!  Congratulations!!!