Saturday, May 25, 2013

TWO COOL ASSEMBLIES: BodyVox and Bottle Bill!

BODY VOX and BOTTLE BILL came to James John last week!  We watched BODYVOX dancers leap, spin, twist, turn and dance to lots of different kinds of music.  We learned that dancing is a science.  Ask your child what they learned about how dancers dance!

Then BOTTLE BILL taught us that returning your bottles for the 5c deposit is good for Oregon, good for us and very good for the ENVIRONMENT!  Did you know that we recycle 5 million bottles every week right here in Oregon?  That's good because they make new bottles and even clothes from recycled plastic! 

ENJOY the photos!

DON'T FORGET: Canoe the Slough on Tuesday May 28th!

Yes!  The Tuesday after Memorial Day we will Canoe the Slough with our teacher friends from The COlumbia Slough Watershed Council!  Please have your child dress for the weather.  If it looks like rain, be sure they wear a rain coat.  Layers is always the best bet!

We will be back in time for lunch, BUT we leave school at 8:10AM so all children need to be on time so they don't miss the bus!

Here are some pictures of the canoes we will be in and The Slough.  It is very flat, very shallow and very safe.  We will be with professional guides and paddling very slow, but still having a great time.  We will be learning about our environment; the animals, the wildlife and the plants that live there.

Student Achievers for May 24th!

They're at it again!  The Room 13 students exceeded expectations for achievement this week!  Way to go!  We had 99% of the students turn in their homework which included some beautiful sketching and detailed writing.   

As well they completed their Science Worksample creating closed circuits and testing the brightness of bulbs!        Nice job everyone!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Burgerville Smoothies for a star classroom of students!

Last week Rm 13 students earned a trip to Burgerville for a smoothie prize! All table groups had earned points and originally only one group was going to get to go, but it was just too hard to determine one winner!  So....we decided everyone would go!  We had a lot of fun, a great walk and the sun was shining!

Student of the Week for May 17th is Guyden!

Way to go Guyden on being our Learn 4 Life Student of the Week!  Congratulations!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Isabella! Last week's STUDENT OF THE WEEK!

Look at all those amazing compliments for Isabella, who was our Learn 4 Life, Student of the Week!  Izzy is a super smart student, who also can play a tough game of tetherball!  Way to go Isabella!  

Last Weeks Award Winners!


Monday, May 6, 2013

It's all about LEARNING in RM 13!

Room 13 is back in action and ready to share with you on our blog!  Keep an eye out for some incredible posts as we give presentations on our biography research studies focused on 'People of Color Who Made a Difference' and our new science unit on electricity called 'Circuits and Pathways'!   I will post several times a week so watch out for some great learning from the wizard students in Room 13!  Ms H