Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Week of School and the Summer Reading Program!

This is our last week of 4th grade!  I will post some pictures as we wrap up a fantastic learning year.  Your child will be bringing home school items, a few each day so you don't have to sort through a giant pile on Friday.

Thank-you for being a wonderful group of parents to work with.  You have incredible children, who I know will do great things in 5th grade.

Don't forget the SUMMER READING PROGRAM with Multnomah County Library!

Student Achievers from May 31st!!

Here they are...the student achievers from May 31st!  Way to go team 13 superstar students!


Thank-you Ms Schwartzkoph for planning such a great Field Day for us!  It was a bright and sunny day....the best part was the "I Am Thirsty Race"!  No pictures of that as we were all racing to win the relay and Rm 13 did!

Canoeing the Columbia Slough!

Here we are, canoeing on the Slough!  We had good weather, saw lots of beautiful birds and other wildlife and learned how to paddle!  Thank you to the parents who came along and to our fabulous guides!