Friday, January 20, 2012

Just another week in Rm 13!

Macro-inverabrates, achievement awards, trunks full of Native American artifacts, snow and late openings...we did it all this week!  The students also finished their first round of state testing in reading!  Here's a few shots of the fabulous students of Rm 13 in action! 
Learn 4 Life Macroinvertabrates: Do we need another leg?

Dezarae's adding final touches to their macroinvertabrate!
 Just one more antennae!
Another wing to help it fly
Oregon Historical Society's Native American Traveling Trunk:
Gerry's trying to start a fire with the fire making kit!
Cody's playing the clapping sticks from the Chinook tribe.
Emlyn's showing off some cordage made from cedar bark
A cedar bark basket used by Coastal Native Americans
to collect berried, fish and seeds.

Our seven achievement award winners this week: Justin, Maleke, Katlyn, Aryana,
Thea, Gerry and Chris!  Congratulations!!!

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