Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bones and Skeletons are Everywhere!

This week in Rm 13 we continued to learn about Bones and Skeletons!  We even had a skeleton in math!  Yes, to better learn how to multiply, students create skeleton frames of multiplication sentences and then fill in the total number or product.  It is never a dull moment in Room 13.

In the computer lab we researched the human skeletal system and answered questions about how to take care of them and what their individual job is.  Did you know that our ribs are flexible and can expand as we breath? This   all goes well with the 'Healthy Eating' lesson we had last week from Lindfield College students that taught us that calcium which is so important to strong bones is in dairy products, but also in vegetables like broccoli and kale!  Yum!

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